the arrival of henry and clara

It was Wednesday, February 23rd. We had an appointment for an ultrasound to check the growth of Henry and Clara. Two weeks prior, they were weighing in at about 4.5 pounds each and our doctors wanted to be sure that they were continuing to grow.

Two minutes into the ultrasound, the technician says, "So you're planning a vaginal birth, right?"

Um, what?

Apparently, Miss Clara decided to show off her acrobatic skills and flip and was now head down. Both babes head down and ready to meet the world! But wait a minute, I had been actively preparing myself for a C-section and now needed to switch gears. Could I really do this...push TWO babes out!!

After freaking out a little over this news, the technician went on to tell us that Henry and Clara were a little on the small side (about 5 pounds each) and most probably wouldn't grow much more while in utero since they hadn't shown much growth in the last few weeks. She called the doc who said, "Go home, get your bags and meet me at the hospital."

Again- um, what?

Feelings were mixed. We were thrilled to finally be meeting our babes, scared of how it was all going to go, and in total denial of actually having two babes (and a toddler) at once!

Off to the hospital we went....checked in at noon, didn't get a room until 4 which meant I laid in a bed in the triage room just waiting. Absolutely nothing was happening except extreme anxiety and nervousness! We knew the doctor would be breaking my water once we were in a room, we knew I needed to get an epidural in case Baby B (Clara) was having trouble coming out and they needed to do an emergency C-section, we knew that at some point that day (or the next) we'd be the parents of 3 children.....and we waited.

With my water broken and settled into a room, the contractions came quick and I progressed even quicker. I labored from 4pm until about 6pm and then opted to get the epidural procedure over with (something I was completely terrified of). It was relatively painless and took away the labor pains almost immediately.

Now, we all know the risk involved with medical intervention. Unfortunately, this is the point, where I fell victim to one of those risks - the first attempt at an epidural didn't pan out - instead of going into detail of what this means I'll leave it with the fact that I needed several "boluses" of epidural medicine throughout my labor and then suffered (and am still suffering) from a spinal fluid leak that leads to a spinal headache.

Yet another reason to go the natural child birth route if possible!

After the epi was in place, I continued to progress until about 8pm then suddenly stopped. I was stuck at 8cm and just couldn't get past it! They gave me pitocin to push contractions along and I continued to labor until 7am (yes, the next day). At this point, I was very frustrated, in pain despite the epidural, and exhausted. My doctor came in around 8am, checked my dilation, said I was 9.5cm, and that he wanted me to try and rest for a half hour and then we were heading to the operating room (I had to deliver in the operating room in case of emergency C-section). The nurses came in soon after to help me move positions, while in the room with me, in rushed 3 or 4 nurses and Dr's saying, "Let's go - she's going back now!" I had no idea what was going on. Hadn't the doc just said rest for a half hour then we'll go?! Turns out, Henry's heart rate was dropping so off we went to the operating room....

Good thing too because they rolled me into the operating room at 8:31 - I pushed four times and out came Henry at 8:48...I pushed 3 more times and out came Clara at 8:51! Much different then Madelyn's pushing stage.

Henry and Clara were welcomed with open arms and in total good health. Henry weighed 5lbs 4oz and Clara was 5lbs- no medical intervention needed for them! They joined us in our room right away and came home with us a few days later....despite the epidural mishap - we couldn't be happier with our twin delivery!

Welcome to the World my sweet sweet babes!

Madelyn trying to hold Clara's hand

Proud big Sister

and now we are five!


  1. Aww Heather, what a beautiful story and family. I am so happy for all 5 of you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! I can't wait to meet Henry and Clara!! :) ~Jill

  3. I have been thinking about you! Thanks for taking the time (which I am sure you don't have any extra time:) to tell us about your birth story of Henry and Clara! What a beautiful family.

  4. Congratulations! What sweet little babies - you are so lucky...