Matt and I met in college. Although we didn't know it.

We don't remember the first time we met....romantic, I know. You see, we have both always been on the move....in and out of town. Matt moved out west for awhile, I moved to Germany. We seemed to keep missing each other. It was 2004 when we finally "saw" each other. We were both in Cincinnati and ready to leave again. Matt had plans to go to Michigan for the summer - after a quick two week semi-dating, "we're really just friends" period, Matt asked me to move to Michigan with him. I said sure. And off we went. Thus, our journey together began.

We lived in Michigan for a few months then chose to move on to Portland, Maine. In Portland, we were engaged after 3 years of living together, married a year later in Kentucky and pregnant two months later.

We moved to Kentucky in 2008 to be closer to family when our little lady, Madelyn was born.

Now we're pregnant again - with twins! Spontaneous and quite the surprise, we're excited and nervous about this next venture.....

3 kids? What? mid 30's? What? I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.

This blog will hopefully make it easier for us to share our journey, photos, and adventures with friends and family. We're also planning to use the blog to reach out to fellow parents of multiples as we know we are in for a wild ride! Until then, we're following the advice of a good friend....trusting our process.