Sunday, June 17, 2012

High Fives All Around

This past year, Matt and I have joked that we pass each other in the house giving high fives as that is about all the time we get together. It has certainly felt like we are merely roommates at times, but watching him with Madelyn, Henry, and Clara certainly make up for those fleeting high fives.

Happy Fathers Day to the best roommate, husband, best friend, and Dad. You simply amaze me.

Matt with Madelyn, an old pic but one of my favorites.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Their First Trip Around the Sun

Dear Henry & Clara,
You are big yet so very small. Sitting at the new table Papaw built for you and Madelyn, you look tiny. Yet, you sit there through an entire meal or snack feeding yourself, chatting with each other, or making music with your utensils. It's incredibly hard to believe it's been one full year since we first met both of you. It was a brilliant parent who once said, "The years go by so quickly but some days can take forever!"

Henry, you are quite possibly the funniest little man I've ever met. Absolutely everything is funny to you. You remind me of my brother (Uncle Stevie) who consistently made my mom laugh anytime she was trying to be mad at us. You are already picking on your little sister. You don't mean it that way, I think you mostly just want to play with her. But all that "boy" in you comes out and you often end up tackling her. Occasionally, she thinks it's funny and will laugh but more often she isn't too happy about it. However, your big sister is all about it! The two of you play so rough that I sometimes think one of you will get hurt. But after many giggles and squeals, you both need to be pulled off of each other. You are certainly Mama's boy, Henry! Some day, I'll remind you just how much you LOVE to snuggle. You are, by far, our most outgoing child. Always, smiling and reaching up for anyone who will pick you up (or laugh at you). You are taking 4-5 steps at a time on your own now. I'd call that walking! You get so excited when you realize that you are walking that you lose your balance and fall. I'm sure soon enough you'll be chasing after Madelyn. You've got some crazy hair that Daddy keeps telling me to cut but I can't bring myself to do it - it fits your personality.

Oh my sweet girl, Clara. You are such an independent little lady. While your brother and sister play, you are often found off by yourself exploring some other area of the room. You do not like to sleep. Just like your big sister, you are a cat napper and will often attempt to keep Henry awake with you. Somehow, he sleeps through all your talking. You are very sensitive, Clara. Just today, you were coloring with Madelyn. When I told you to stop putting the crayon in your mouth - you cried. I mean, REALLY cried...forehead on the floor crying. You are all Daddy's girl. Each morning after he leaves for work, you crawl over to the door and bang on it while crying "Dadadadada!" Usually a little redirection works for you but the moment you hear the door open at 5:20 - you smile and crawl as fast as you can to the door. You don't have much interest in walking but today you said, "uh-oh!" I said it when I dropped something and you just repeated it. It's the sweetest thing, I can't really put it in words nor do I think your pictures express just how sweet you are.

The difference in the two of you couldn't be greater. Watching your personalities grow and your relationship with each other change has been amazing. From snuggling because we put you next to each other to choosing to snuggle or tackle each other because it's fun....I look forward to what the next trip round the sun brings us. 

Happy, happy 1st birthday to my sweet babes - Henry & Clara!!