Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ultimate Transition

Well, those few months flew by! Working more than full time and having so many kids (okay, I know I only have three but man, it feels like a whole lot more most days!) was certainly taking a toll on me. But, here I am now - transitioning to completely mobile infants (crawling and cruising everywhere) and adjusting to staying home with Madelyn, Henry, and Clara all day.

To me, this photo from Christmas morning sums up what Christmas and the last few months have been like for Team Gerker:

Blurry kids (they don't stop moving) and a Sleepy Daddy (it was only 6:30am - not too bad). In this pic, Madelyn had just kissed her new wheelbarrow - she was THAT happy about it. Henry and Clara are everywhere, as usual.  I can only imagine what next year will be like - this year, Henry was happy with a box and Clara just wanted to roll in the paper.

Transitioning to mobile babies hasn't really been all that difficult. I enjoy setting up the environment for the kids - although, this continues to be one of my biggest challenges, setting up a Montessori environment for a preschooler and two infants. Transitioning to staying home has created it's own bundle of challenges for  me (I'm still teaching classes at night). But staying home through the day - wow, I feel as though  I am working MORE now than ever! 

I continue to focus on the kids - the smiles from all three, the snuggles from Henry, the giggles from Clara, and the things that Madelyn says! Several times a day I think how lucky I am to be able to stay with them. And then, I remind myself of those things when moments are rough. 

Observing the babies interact with each other, interact with Madelyn, and the materials out for them....chatting with Madelyn and getting one on one time with her while the babies nap....those are the good times ;)

The not-so-good times include when the babies are climbing all over me for attention and then of course, these times are also when Mads says she "needs Mommy, cause I love her so much." Just today, as Madelyn was sitting on my lap on the floor and Clara was crawling towards us, Madelyn said, "Clara, you have to share Mommy!" It's easy to feel's a constant balancing act. Balancing attention for the babies, attention for Madelyn, for our home, for my husband, and for me. 

Maybe Madelyn has the answer to the balancing act - she seems to have everything else figured out, here are a few things I've heard from her this week:

"See those beautiful clouds!" - as we stepped out on the porch for a quick winter evening walk.
"You're my very own best friend."  - just because ;)
"Your bridge is so very beautiful" - referring to a "bridge" I'd built with blocks
"Mommy, I wish I could be your granddaughter." - hmmmm
"No thank you, I'm saving it for Santa." -response to me when I asked her to finish eating her cheese quesadilla
"Did you hear that??!! It was an eagle!" - as we stepped outside on our way to the library. She was referring to a bird calling - it definitely wasn't an eagle ;)
"He/She's happy now!" - anytime Henry or Clara is upset, she will do ANYTHING to make them happy - dance, sing, give toys, etc. 
"Clara, you have to try new foods because then you'll like them" -  this doesn't make any sense, especially since Madelyn hardly ever tries new foods!

We are only one week in to this SAHM transition, I know I have a journey ahead of me but as long as I have Madelyn around to chat with - I think I'm all set.