Monday, September 19, 2011

Team Gerker Update

This picture pretty much sums up our days. Sweet little Clara Belle, Giggly Mads (I swear she gets out of bed running, she has so much energy!), and Looking for trouble Henry. Clara is like a little kitten. She purrs instead of crying. Madelyn has enough energy to keep the house going. Always making the babies laugh at her - she LOVES an audience. Henry is seriously looking for trouble. He attacks his sister, Clara, all the time, pulling her hair and trying to put his arms on her. She doesn't seem to mind much! 

These three keep us going, not a dull moment in the house. I feel as though we may be at the calm before the storm though - Henry and Clara are about to be mobile! Henry rolls everywhere and Clara gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. It'll be another big transition in our house - one where Matt and I need to do some serious childproofing!

We are very happy to welcome the Fall-like weather. Although, we are a bit nervous that it could be 95 degrees again any day now - so different from our New England days! But, we're ready to get everybody outside a bit more. Hopefully there are a few day hikes in our very near future - a baby on each back and a running three year old - is there a better way to say hello Autumn?