Friday, July 22, 2011

Robbery, Routines, and Relaxation


We were robbed. I don't want to spend to much time writing about it because I feel like the thief has already won. The more time and energy I put into, the more he wins. So, that's it. We weren't home (thankfully), missing items include my laptop and digital camera....which means the blog posts will be short and sweet until we can afford to replace them.


It's amazing how much children need order, routine, and calmness in their lives. I certainly strive to create order and routine in our daily lives but wow, when Madelyn and I went on a  vacation together recently her need for routine was so obvious!

We had a wonderful time and are forever grateful to Aunt Alisa and Uncle Matt for their hospitality. But I must admit, some of the worse behavior I have ever seen in Madelyn occurred during that week. I'm not sure why I hadn't considered this a possibility. I suppose I was so excited to be returning to New England, to see some old friends, and just to have some away time that I hadn't considered the effect vacation would have on Mads.

I also realize that her "bad behavior" is not really all that bad. I think she is just typically so well behaved and normalized that it took me by surprise when she would blatantly ignore me while talking to her....or when she screamed because I said it was time to "rest"...or when she ran from me while shopping in Target. All of these things she did while on vacation.....thankfully, I haven't seen this behavior since we returned a few weeks ago.

After spending some time thinking about this, remembering things I observed in her attitude, and then watching her smoothly transition back into everyday life I realized just how strong her need is for normalcy. Yes, with the addition of our babes her normalcy is quite different, but she needs it just the same.


Amidst all these behavior issues while vacationing, we made sure we included lots of fun times and relaxation! Madelyn thoroughly enjoyed her first plane ride, as did "Moosie."

When asked her favorite part of vacation, she definitely says the beach. Although the water temperature was a chilly 65 degrees, she had no problem running in it.

We took a trip out to Peaks Island on the weekend of the 4th of July. She enjoyed the boat ride and had loads of fun with her American flag.

This little lady would have stayed on the rocky beaches of Maine all week had I let her. Someday, she'll know this is truly where her roots are ;)


  1. I will never forget that feeling when my car was broken into a couple years ago. It's so infuriating to not have a say in it, to not be able to defend myself. It's so cowardice on the thieves part. I'm so deeply sorry this happened to your home. I will pray that the feelings that you used to have about home will be restored soon.

    Your daughter is very lucky to have a Mom who can notice her need for normalcy. My daughter has been going through some growth spurts in the last month and the fussiness (she's 15 months old) has been so intense but very uncharacteristic of her. I know to bare with her because it will pass but it's so hard.

  2. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Lovely holiday pics!