Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm doing my best.

The days are going so fast. Each and every moment seems to be flying by me. I was hugging Madelyn the other day and I probably squeezed her a little too long...all I could think about was that someday she won't let me hug her like that - I'm afraid that day will be here before I know it.

So, I'm doing my best....doing my best to appreciate each and every moment I have with these three. It's tough. Somedays, I'm so tired and cranky but then the Montessorian in me remembers how much my mood affects the children and I switch gears.

I'm doing my best not to lose my focus.

I'm focusing on deep breathing, on little smiles from a babe, on giggles that surprise a little guy just as much as they surprise me. I'm focusing on the funny comments coming from my 3 year old and taking pride in watching her want to "gather enough lavender in the yard for EVERYBODY, mommy!"

I'm focusing on my husband who seems to be much more of a roommate to me these days as we high five each other and pass off a child (Go Team Gerker!) I'm focusing on the every other full night of sleep I'm getting (Matt and I take turns waking with the babes) and on the fact that Henry and Clara are only waking once each night!

And finally, I'm focusing on those moments when we're all in one spot. Matt, Madelyn, Henry, Clara and Me - those moments when Matt and I look at each other and wonder:

"Where the hell did all these kids come from?"


  1. Up once a night-- yay for the wonder twins!!!!!! It took us forever to get to that point!

    You have such a good attitude. There is nothing like twins to force you to stay in the moment. You're doing great!!!

  2. hahaha I love your last comment!! I bet you can't believe all of those kids are yours!! It is unbelievable how fast it goes, then you look at each other and say, "we created this." Unbelievable.