Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten weeks and four days.

Dear Henry,

You are surrounded by little girls that love you dearly. Nearly every picture we have of you and Clara, she is touching you. Not sure how much of this is coincidence but I'm assuming it's because she likes to be near you. Your big sister absolutely loves to play with you. You sit in your chair next to her or lay on the floor and watch her every move. While pretending with her barn and animals, she likes to give you the horses to play with.

You are a pretty laid back little guy. Although when you want something, you have quite the squeal to let us know.

You weigh almost 11 pounds now and in my book, that makes you chunky. You're a strong baby who seems to grow with each stretch or grunt.

Your smile is contagious. When Madelyn is around, she insists you are smiling because of something she did. It's a goal of hers to always make you happy. When she does, she yells, "He's happy now!" or "Him not grumpy."

You make the best facial expressions, the kind that make me wonder, "what is he thinking?"

I am having so much fun getting to know you!


Dear Clara,

You look so much like your big sister. A lot of people have commented on how much you're going to look like Madelyn's twin instead of Henry's. In fact, you and Henry have very little in common. Although, you certainly enjoy having him around. Often, you will not fall asleep until Henry is in his crib next to you and you much prefer to be laying on the floor by him then anywhere else.

You very seldom fuss and when you do you sound like a kitten. Especially compared to Henry's squeal! Mostly, you get upset because you are tired or hungry.

You've recently started following people around with your eyes. You get very excited when someone talks to you...your arms start swinging and your legs kick as if you are riding a bike. Your big blue eyes get even bigger and more round when someone simply says hello to you.

You weigh almost 10 pounds now. Even though you eat just as much as your brother, you just can't seem to catch up to him.

The last ten weeks have been amazing, I look forward to watching you continue to grow!



  1. I can't believe it's been 10 weeks!! I remember talking with you when Emmett was only a month old, and thinking that magical 6 week mark would NEVER COME, and here you are way past it and I still haven't really talked to you! Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day (how could you not with such a beautiful family!), thanks for sharing new pictures! Give those babies some snuggles for me!