Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How do you do it?

While I was pregnant, I read and heard about the many questions my husband and I would be asked about our twins when we left the house with them but I wasn't really prepared for the stares we would get as well. People will look, point, and then I'll usually hear, "Oh, look it's twins!"

We certainly never fail to turn many heads - It makes me feel like a celebrity.

I try to smile or respond but depending on the amount of sleep I'm operating on, I may keep my head down and keep walking. I think I'm just going to start dressing the babes in this onesie each time we go out-

photo and onesie from http://www.cafepress.com/+identity+baby-bodysuits

Really, it's not fun to answer the same questions or to acknowledge the same comments over and over again - Are they twins? A boy and a girl? You're busy! How old are they? Do twins run in the family? What a blessing! I'm glad we didn't have twins. and my all time favorite -

How do you do it?

My usual response to this is, "We just do." But I've thought about it and here are some things I'd like to say in response to this...
  • One day at a time.
  • Very carefully.
  • Um, I kind of have to.
  • With an amazingly supportive husband who moonlights as a Superdad.
  • I'm a great multi-tasker (the job that most prepared me for mothering twins AND a toddler - bartending).
  • I laugh a lot. I have to...or things could get quite scary.
  • I throw pacifiers at walls. Seriously. Ask my husband.
  • Cry. Yep, I do that a lot too.
  • Warm baths. That amazingly supportive husband I mentioned before often encourages me to lock myself in the bathroom with a good book, a good beer, and a warm bath. Did I mention how amazingly supportive he is?
  • Our family motto is, "You do what you gotta do." It is said often around here.
  • With the help of other moms of multiples. They know what the day to day is like!
It's hard to get used to the attention from strangers...will we ever get used to it? Maybe the questions and stares will slow down once Henry and Clara are older, maybe not.

They are only 5 weeks old and I'm certain this list will change as they do.

If you are a mother of multiples, what's on your list? How do you do it?


  1. Without my sense of humor, I'd be a mess. Well, that and nap time. The random, senseless comments from strangers do get fewer and further between as the twins get older.

  2. I was at the hardware store with my entourage (nearly 5 year old and two year old twins) for a grand total of twenty minutes and during that time 5(!) different people said to me, "Wow. You have your hands full."


    That's the thing no one warned me about with twins. The fact that you hear the same thing over and over. :-)